miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Stormss **

We are forced to make choices, or so we think. But the fact is we wouldn't be able to hold it out if we didn't. We choose to make choices, we choose to think, we choose to doubt, we choose to take actions or simply to stand by, and we also choose what we do with the consecuences that come along with it. Because it's our nature, it's what we do.

You know it's funny how so many emotions can take over you, can rule you. But that's also because we let them.. We may not be able to control what life throws at us, but we are able to control our reactions to it. And that's what we do, we fall, we hurt, we burn, but we always get up again. Maybe not at the first time, and maybe not at the second, but somehow, someway we always strike to survive, to be happy. And today I chose.

I've cried, i've hurt, i shouted, i screamed, i did everything, and now, now i'm releaved. I can let go, i can place it. And i chose to just do it. I chose the hard way, because i know that right now it's the right one. So let the storm come, i can face it now. I'll fall, i'll break, i'll hurt all over again but i'm one step closer to know how to live with it.

You've set certain feelings lose that i've been controlling for a very long time, and i'm so gratefull that you just did that. By being yourself.
And now you're here, by my side watching me wright this, witha huge smile on your face, thinking what would i do without you? And there is that sweet and soft kiss on my head, letting me know that you'll be there no matter what, that you love me but that you respect me also. And there are the tears, they speak louder than both of us shouting! They spell HAPPINESS.

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