jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

Just me

                                 We are an adventure on our own

These days i learnt that being me is the only way things work. Maybe not the way we want to, but certainly the way we need to. In my eyes a lot things seem unlogic, but i guess not everyone thinks the way i do, and that's the great thing about this world. I'm me and you are you, and we should be happy with who we are.
I know things can be tough, but that doesn't mean that their hopeless. Sometimes you can fix things by just dealing with them and others you have to step it up, thanks to what we learn a lot more.

And you know what, i know who i am. And if others out there would like to judge me, go ahead! If they want to lose time on me, then that's their problem. I know what i want, who i am, and what i like and as long as i do, i'll be alright.


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