sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Colourfull water drops**


Tears aren’t just water drops that fall out of your eyes,

they’re a way of expresion, they carey all you’re emotions.

So when you see or think about tears,

the picture that comes into your mind are fragil cristal looking water drops,

but that’s only the phisical reaction.

What comes outta your soul,  are emotions wich are represented

by millions and millions of coulours.

Each one standing for a different feeling

that colapse into a mix of colourfull drops as they come outta your eyes,

that’s why you only cry when nothing else has worked.

When it’s the only way left to get your emotions out of your sistem.

So crying does not mean you are too sensible or a weany,

it means your brave enough to let the rest of the world know how you feel

and stand in front of them fragil and scared, but also stronger than ever.

It means your confident enough to open yourself up in front of everyone else,

it means your not afraid that they are going to hurt you because your stronger than them.

And the best part of it is that, it doesn’t make you more
frustrated or unhappy,

after crying you feel relieved.

Because all those feelings of frustration and pain, and
clueless, and any others

come out of your sistem, in a rainbow of coulor that glides
down your cheaks.


It’s not something you should be embarassed of.

It’s something you should be proud, but you won’t know that feeling

until you give yourself a chance to let alll those emotions out.

And you’ll see that after crying, the only thing that happens is that
you shine so bright and purely, no one will even dare to ask
themselfs why.

For once your inner strenght talkes for you,

for once you can be yourself...

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013


A simple Word, it’s made out of nine caracters,
It’s not long and it’s not even complicated to pronounce.
Why do so many people have a hard time to feel it?
To understand it? And actually, who knows what happiness means?, i don’t. But i feel it all the time.
And this is how it feels like for me:
Sitting outside in the sun, reading a magazine or a book, peacefully, going out with a friend and feeling so comfortable,
Confident and laughing so loud everybody  hears us, feeling beautiful with urself, being creative, feeling inspirated, the smell of moisterizers from our granma....
An endless list. My list.

Just me

                                 We are an adventure on our own

These days i learnt that being me is the only way things work. Maybe not the way we want to, but certainly the way we need to. In my eyes a lot things seem unlogic, but i guess not everyone thinks the way i do, and that's the great thing about this world. I'm me and you are you, and we should be happy with who we are.
I know things can be tough, but that doesn't mean that their hopeless. Sometimes you can fix things by just dealing with them and others you have to step it up, thanks to what we learn a lot more.

And you know what, i know who i am. And if others out there would like to judge me, go ahead! If they want to lose time on me, then that's their problem. I know what i want, who i am, and what i like and as long as i do, i'll be alright.