lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Silence of the night*

I just wish a bit of silence,
even when everybody's quite
there's no silence nor peace in my mind.
 It shouts and screams, and it
tells me a million things a time,
but i know what it needs.
It needs LOVE.

And then you appear,
out of nowhere..
Making your entrance,
setteling to simply stay.
Stay close to me, stay with me
make me feel like i'm  not

The raindrops fall, and
along with the leafs,
autumn comes, pleasing our needs.
The final cold oustide,
warms me up like never tried.
Wondering what would of happened
if you were still HERE.

Even the windows don't lie anymore
they show what i've been hiding from.
Not you, not faith, nor destiny.
I've hiding from the fear of simply
losing MYSELF.

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