sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

- I'll succed because i'm crazy enough to think i can -

You want to do it? Do it! You want to go for it? Go for it !!
Who is going to stop you? Only you..
You're the only one who can decide for yourself. Yes you're guided until a certain moment, and yes, people will always have influence in you.. But just don't think of everything else! Think about what you want and how bad you want it! You can do it it's only in your hands.

This morning i woke up, with the blur in my head. All confused and numbed, what would i do? Is it worth it? What will happen if i don't do it? What will they think of me either way?..
Along the day, a day full of serious thouhghts, i came to the conclusion: what the hell do i care!
How badly do i want it? that's the question, if it's worth it and you're not hurting anyone with it, then do it!
I really wonder why we are so afraid, why we are so scared of faling.. You want to win? Take a chance. It's that simple, you're not garanteed to always win, but you'll get something out of it anyway.

So this is my list of things i'm simply GOING to do, not think of doing, but DO:
 1-. Start dancing again, so what if i'm not that good, i'm there to learn!
 2-. Start drawing again and sing infront of everybody, i'm dying to do that.
 3-. Be honest with myself. If there's something bodering me, well then it is, i don't need to hide it.
 4-. STÔP caring about people who don't care about me.
 5-. Be happy and enjoy without feeling guilty about it.
 6-. Be MYSELF, for me.
 7-. Turn negative situations into positive ones.
 8-. Take every oportunity that comes along the way and go with it.

                                          - MY IDEA OF BEING HAPPY -

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